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Anta del Plata Group

We grow in

We are finishing with the construction of an exclusive warehouse for Export finished products, 6600 m2 of modern infrastructure that allows us to turn the process of consolidation and marketing into a more effective process for the clients [...]
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Our partnership with the EEAOCºIII grows and consolidates

For more than 6 years, we have worked with the Obispo Colombres Agro-Industrial Experimental Station (EEAOC) in research and development of agricultural genetics. Long term projects with a view on an important challenge: to be at the Forefr[...]
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Black beans
with 0 tariff

A Mexican quota of 100.000 tons rises expectationshttps://www.clarin.com/rural/poroto-negro-arancel-0-cupo-mexicano-100-000-toneladas-despierta-expectativas_0_fvPdyv0UU.html[...]
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